Our Process



Migrating your existing infrastructure to the cloud with no interruption to services is an important sequence of steps that differ from one organization to another. Our 7 years of cloud computing background and 14+ years of experience in tech enable us to best assess the path you need to take in order to migrate to AWS securely.



Partner with infinium and let us design a highly available, secure and scalable architecture on top of AWS. Deep knowledge of AWS components and building blocks qualify us to assemble the ideal infrastructure for your business requirements. We will make sure that your new infrastructure will interconnect and work as one with your preexisting systems, either on premise or running in other clouds.



infinium has previously deployed a large number of setups and thousands of virtual servers, having a good understanding of the AWS subsystems. As your trusted partner, we will make sure to select the proper, cost-effective AWS building blocks and properly configure, interconnect and tune your new setup. All while taking care that the implementation process will be effortless for you.



AWS provides state of the art, world-class IaaS capabilities, taking care of it from the bare metal up to the hypervisor level. infinium picks up on that and adds to it by managing your setups' performance, health and security wise. We take care of OS patching, system and server health and monitoring, making sure to solve system-level issues when they come up.